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Can anyone enlighten me? It is probably a prompt by Duolingo to fix your "ma" to "mon". Mostly likely, there is an explanation attached to all of those cases where the possessive pronouns are wrong. As a program, Duolingo assumes you confused the gender.

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Your mistake here is a different case. You are right, "amie" is feminine, but your error is the usage of "ma" instead of "mon". Here, you actually use the typically masculine "mon" because "amie" starts with a vowel.

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However, let's say you had an adjective attached to "amie" that separated the "ma" from the noun. You would say "ma meilleure amie", using the feminine "ma" like normal, because "meilleure" starts with an "m" and there are no weird double vowels. I was unaware of that rule Also, don't forget about "h", there it also applies because in most cases words beginning with "h" are considered as if it started with vowel, so you would say mon habitude, even though it is feminine.

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Hello BenOkopnik, I can give you an answer, I'm french. It's like the word "un bureau" desk , it's always masculine.

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Just, when you speak about a girl, just the word and not the article change. So it become "mon amiE" for a girl friend, and "mon ami" for a boy friend. For plural, you just need to add a S at the end of the word and to change the article : "mon" becomes "mes" in plural, and you just have to add a S now : "mes amis" my boys friends , "mes amies" my girls friends.

If you have any other question about french, don't hesitate, I can answer.

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Thank you, Axiaan! My native language is Russian, so I'm OK with learning difficult languages. In most cases, yes. There are some examples of feminine adjectives using this rule too.

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